Have you ever been in love in the first place. If so, what do you think about pre-nuptial agreements. Do you plan on having kids, or do you want a life without any dating things to ask. If they ve been in a serious dating relationship before, did they flirt with others or cheat on the person they were dating. What is your genuine first impression of me. What have other people you ve dated liked the most about you. If we end up dating, will either one of us be settling.

Have you ever been in a serious relationship before. If you could change anything about your personality, what would it be. Are you dating because you want to find love or because you re just afraid of being alone. Are you thinking about making any major residential moves in the next few years. Are you looking for something serious or casual. As you think through potential dates, ask yourself these questions: 1. You may be thinking, But, hey, I ve heard opposites attract.

Why did your last significant other break up with you. It s good to keep in mind that a promise breaker can quickly become a heartbreaker, too. Do you always need to be right about everything (and let people *know* you think you re right)..
. Not exactly the kind of people you want to trust with your self-image or your reputation. ...

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